• Norway
  • Onboard a Working Ship

    According to legend, the name Norway comes from an old norse word Norðrvegr and means “the way north”. This name was given to the long, craggy coast because it was largely ice-free in the wintertime. Yesterday, we joined a Hurtigruten ship for a couple of nights cruising across the Arctic Circle from Tromso to Kirkenes. […]

  • Social Commentary
  • My Brother, The Bear…

    The youngest sibling craves attention while older siblings are rightly convinced that they are always over-indulged; hence, my ‘little’ brother Andrew… or ‘The Bear’ as he is known to friends and radio audiences… has become our entertainer! This bear now dances for all family gatherings… and with his keen eye and humorous take on life… […]

  • UK/Greece/Turkey
  • Turkish Delights

    ‘Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ – Gustave Flaubert I found it helpful to view this country extensively from on, sometimes from under and most memorably…  from above!    The Turkish scenery in places is quite unique. The landscape in Cappadocia appears surreal and I think […]

  • Travels
  • Revisits

    Apparently, I don’t enjoy returning to destinations that I’ve visited previously. I guess it’s like eating that second ice-cream. While the first may have been the classic, culinary experience of a lifetime, that second yearned for repeat performance never quite lives up to expectations. I first visited London nearly 20 years ago and while I’ve […]