Who Would Have Imagined?

Just in time for Christmas!

I have been pleasantly surprised to find this recording by a young friend who I am watching grow. Creativity has been highly valued in her family and is nurtured daily alongside her academic and social growth.

I first met Lilia as a budding visual artist when she was only 8 years old and recently she opened the Operation Art exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW and spoke about how this program and the arts had impacted upon her life. Here is Lilia’s speech. She is a confident young teenager now who continues to be excited by life’s challenges. I am watching her grow in so many ways and constantly learn from and enjoy her achievements.

My original post about Lilia is at: http://fionasteel.edublogs.org/2010/07/24/the-heart-of-operation-art-lilias-story/

Now, for your enjoyment…while you can’t see her here, you can enjoy Lilia singing ‘Who Would Imagine A King’.

Happy Christmas!

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