Live Your Dream

“Anything worth doing… is worth overdoing.” – Mick Jagger
 “Everything in excess” – Fiona Steel
Who knew that Mick and I had so much in common? 
He has lips and I’d like some. He had energy and so did I once. He couldn’t get any satisfaction… oh well, two outa three ain’t bad …just ask Meatloaf!
I think our favourite strutting lips would agree with me when I say we should make the most of life and have no regrets.
Dare to dream!
Let’s play that cliché Aussie card here…’Ave a go, Mate!

Don’t you agree that life should be about actively participating and meeting new challenges? I think its great how life can offer up opportunities, sometimes unexpected and sometimes created. But, what I find really exciting is watching what happens when we have the courage to run with those occasions. Sometimes we win and at other times we win by learning from the experience.

Who would have thought that when five young men played their first gig together in a pub in western Sydney Australia, that less than two years later they would be playing at a three day music festival on the other side of our planet in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. 

Modern Error are these five young men who found an opportunity, worked hard together, played hard together and have heeded Mick’s advice ever since.

Modern Error
Modern Error


“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

Modern Error listened to Albert!

They learned the rules of the game and took a win in every round of the Emergenza Band Competition against bands from all over Australia and New Zealand. This pinned them against the very best in a final battle for supremacy at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. Once again, the guys took Albert’s advice… and played better than anyone else.

Modern Error won and the first prize was ‘their best opportunity yet’.

They have been flown to Germany to play the ‘International Final’ at the three day Taubertal Festival. At 4:50pm on Friday 13th these five determined guys who started with a fledgling dream will put their heart and souls on the line. It will be their lucky day! While their friends are sleeping (or partying) at 12:50am Saturday 14th on the other side of the world, Modern Error will play off against other winning finalists from USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan and the UK.

We want to entertain, that’s pretty much it! Rock out as much as we can, hope that people have an awesome time and leave with a smile on their face” says Max.

Modern Error might be performing to thousands at a music festival but I know those smiling the most will be the handful of family members watching on… so proud and very satisfied.

Good luck guys!
Enjoy your experience… you are living your dream!

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  1. Mum says:

    Hi there, Mum, Dad and Felicity checked your blog – we hope all is going well and that Max did brilliantly last night.

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