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The map below depicts: 1018 visits from 28 Dec 2008 to 15 June 2009
This map last updated: 2009-04-02 09:12:16 GMT

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Dot Sizes = Visits    = 1,000+   = 100 – 999   = 10 – 99   = 1 – 9

Running total of visits to the above URL since 28 Dec 2008: 1018 Total since archive, i.e. 28 Dec 2008 – present: 91018 (not necessarily all displayed – see below).
Visits on previous ‘day’: 5.

Current Country Totals
From 28 Dec 2008 to 28 Mar 2009


Australia (AU) 469
Canada (CA) 413
United States (US) 50
Germany (DE) 6
United Kingdom (GB) 5
Turkey (TR) 3
Japan (JP) 3
Netherlands (NL) 2
France (FR) 2
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 1
Czech Republic (CZ) 1
Egypt (EG) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Finland (FI) 1
Taiwan (TW) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
Indonesia (ID) 1
Portugal (PT) 1
Colombia (CO) 1
Russian Federation (RU) 1
Switzerland (CH) 1
Spain (ES) 1



Visit to Greenfield Elementary School, Sydney (Can) 27 Feb


Visit to Greenfield Elementary School 27 Feb /Newspaper 6 Mar

Handover Operation Art to Art For Healing Foundation at Montreal Children’s Hospital 04 March 2009

Artworks to Art For Healing Foundation at Montreal Children\'s Hospital




‘Good News Stories’ happen every day and sometimes I receive feedback from those I met on the Study Tour while other times I am just fascinated from where in the world that interest has come: 

One thought on “Outcomes

  1. Fiona – The Arts Unit is very proud that one its staff members is the recipient of a Premier’s Teaching Scholarship in the first year that Creative Arts scholarships have been offered.

    We look forward to hearing about your study trip and to see what great ideas you bring back to inject into Operation Art and The Arts Unit in general.

    Have a great time! Louise

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