Art For Healing Foundation
at North Bay Regional Arts Centre, Ontario – Canada

What a fabulous story!!

Congratulations Earl Pinchuk and Gary Blair on being involved in bringing art into this hospital. It’s exciting to see that, this time, it’s established right from the beginning that art can have purpose and is being valued. It’s not a repair job to bring art into a hospital as an afterthought but is planned as an integral part of this hospital’s healing process from Day 1.

Keep up the great work guys!

The North Bay Regional Health Centre, slated to open in January 2011, could become the first hospital in Canada to have artists in residence to interact with staff, patients and families as they create original works of art.    
Video: Art at North Bay Regional Health Centre

Another aspect of this story that I find exciting is that The enlightened Ontario Arts Council works to place artists in different settings and North Bay Regional Health Centre has been chosen as a pilot project to involve artists in health care.

When will every hospital have an artist in residency program??

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