How Are YOU Intelligent?



Today I listened to my favourite creative thinker!


Dr Ken Robinson spoke with Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic 95.7FM.

Check the podcast out at:


Once again, he reminded us how our education system needs to change if we are to encourage individuals to find their passion and become the best. He also reminded us that maybe we find the wrong answer because we ask the wrong question:


‘How intelligent are you?’ should really be ‘How are you intelligent?’


Think about it… you may not consider yourself intelligent and yet I am sure you are fabulous at doing at least one thing and I bet you enjoy doing it as well. You are therefore intelligent at the very least at one thing!


As Dr Robinson points out, Einstein may have been considered intelligent but if he was being marked on his ballet abilities then he may not do quite so well.

Imagine how well Einstein would have done ‘in life’ if he had been continually marked on his dance skills rather than his other ‘academic’ abilities.


It seems to me to that the idea of considering a person intelligent because of their academic achievements, is as archaic as offering education to people based on their skin colour, their sex or their financial ability to pay. In the past, education was limited to certain people and now it appears to be limited by value of subjects.

Education should be as diverse as is intelligence!

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